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One of the most common questions guitar beginners have is "which guitar should I buy?"

There are many types of guitars at different prices and this understandably raises many questions.

Let's look at the main types of guitars first and see why they are different from each other.

But just before we do that, it's important to say that all guitars have the same basic elements such as a Body, a Neck, a Head, a Bridge, etc... Also, all guitars work equally on a basic technical level, so there is really no "wrong guitar" , however there might be one that suits you better according to your goals.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars are ideal for any beginner. They

require no electricity, cables or amplification.

There are two types of acoustic guitars.

-Steel string acoustic guitar

-Nylon String acoustic.

To the eye, this two types of guitar look very similar. The main difference is indicated on their respective names. The material the strings are made of.

Let's take a look at the physical differences:

Acoustic Steel String:

-The strings are made from steel

-The body is generally big.

-The neck is thin and long

-Steel strings thin require more tension.

Nylon String Guitar.

-The strings are made from Nylon, which has a plastic feel.

-The body is smaller.

-The neck is thick and shorter that Steel string Ac.

-Steel strings require less tension, they feel looser.

Again, either guitar will work just fine for a beginner. So, which one should I buy?

One way to decide is to look at your specific musical goals. This types of guitars are

different because they cater to specific styles of music.

Acoustic Steel string guitar are generally used in Rock, Pop, Folk, Bluegrass, Country. They are great for strumming, finger picking and soloing. The steel string sound cuts through the sound in band situations very effectively.

Nylon String guitars are used for Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Brazilian Jazz and Latin Music. There are more welcoming to finger style since the distance between the string is greater and the feeling of Nylon on the fingers produce a much warmer sound than steel strings.

If you don't have any specific goals yet, which is perfectly normal, I recommend going to a music store and trying a couple of different guitars, even if you can't play anything yet, See what feels right on your lap.

Electric guitars

Electric guitars work mechanically the same way as the acoustics, with the difference that you will require electric amplification. This involves an amplifier and a 1/4 inch cable to connect the guitar to the amplifier.

Electric guitars are generally used when playing in a band. The have low tension steel strings that allow for advance techniques such as bending, finger taping. The electric amplification also allows the player to integrate third party sound FX such as distortion, delay, reverb etc...


How much should I pay for my first guitar?

I recommend somewhere between $100-$200. Do not buy cheap $40. guitars on Amazon,

Which Guitar is easier to start with?

Nylon string guitars are easier on your fingers. The strings have lower tension and are

thicker, so they won't cut through your fingers as bad. Regardless, don't let this be the

sole factor on determining which guitar is best for you.

Should I order on line?

I do not recommend ordering a guitar online as a beginner, unless you have the blessing of

a guitar teacher or connoisseur. In genera, you never know what you will get or what

condition it will arrive.

How do I know if a guitar is in condition to play?

If someone is giving you a guitar, I strongly recommend you have it checked by an expert.

Take it to a music store, or show it to you teacher. You might get your uncle's guitar that

has been in the attic since 1974 and it is absolutely unplayable. Learning on a bad guitar

will make it so much harder, therefore less enjoyable.

Should I buy a used guitar?

Why not, as long as you are in the company of someone with guitar knowledge that can

approve and condition of the instrument.

Which size guitar should I buy?

Unless you are buying a guitar for a child under 9 years old, get a full size guitar. 3/4

guitars are for kids 5-8.

I hope this was helpful and informative. Please subscribe to my blog and feel free to ask or suggest any topics you might find useful.



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