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Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Like everything in life, there has to be a purpose when you make certain decisions. If you've made a decision to learn how to play the guitar, there has to be a purpose.

What could possibly be your purpose then? Think about this carefully because this could be the one thing that keeps you motivated through your musical journey.

When I was 10 years old, I remember practicing a C major scale on the recorder in my living room in Madrid, Spain. My godfather José who was visiting, picked up one of the guitars we had laying around the house. José Beato was an amateur classical guitarist, a fantastic singer and a great human being. I asked him if it was possible to play a C major scale on the

guitar. He placed the guitar on my lap and showed me. At that moment I was hooked. All I could imagine was my self playing all those beautiful classical guitar pieces that he played when he used to come visit. I imagined myself playing songs for my friends. I imagined being able to do something most people around me had no access to.

Now, at age 51, after decades of being a professional guitarist, that purpose remains the same. I still wake up every day with a desire to learn something new, to improve, to learn a new piece, a new lick, start a new project.

For everyone with a desire to learn this fantastic instrument and become a musician, find a purpose that will keep you motivated. Where would you like to be musically in the next couple of years? work towards that goal, because I will tell you something, the guitar, just like any musical instrument requires work, dedication and consistency . There is no "learn Guitar overnight" program that works, or "You will be playing all your favorite songs in a day..."

You will need practice and dedication. With this, comes improvement. Improvement feeds your motivation, but overall, it's you goals that will keep your purpose alive.

Stay tuned for the next post where I will get in to detailed goals, and how the first couple of weeks as a guitar beginner will feel like.


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